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Improved Performance, Improve Productivity

Help producers address key poultry nutrition and health challenges with POULTRY TMO Plus.

A cost-effective blend with higher bioavailability than other mineral sources, POULTRY TMO Plus contributes to:
  • Structural integrity - e.g. bone and egg shell strength  
  • Improved meat yeild
  • Reduced lameness

Reap benefits of MINTREX® ZnMINTREX® Cu and MINTREX® Mn chelated trace minerals as well as organic selenium, iron and iodine in an easy to use form with 47% methionine activity.

The defined 2:1 structure of Mintrex consists of an atom or metal chelated to two molecules of the ligand - methionine hydroxy analogue (HMTBa) - which results in:


  • Proven stability in the relatively low pH of the upper gut

  • Reduced losses to antagonists such as digesta, other trace minerals and  phytate 

  • Greater absorption in the small intestine

  • Reduced inclusion rates 

HMTBa is fully available as a source of methionine activity.


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Expect Improved Production through reduction in overall mortalities and condemnations.
Reduction of tissue defects allows for More Saleable Meat.

Other Benefits

  • Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Benefits

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Alternative Blend: Poultry TMO 40 percent methionine activity

MINTREX® Molecule

Coordinate Covalent Bonds